Judge Daniel Stack of Illinois Speaking at HB’s Judicial Forum on Asbestos.

Judges from around the country were asked during the kick-off session of the Judicial Forum on Asbestos held in New York City on June 3 to provide an overview of the asbestos docket they manage.  Judge Stack of Madison County, Illinois,  said there are 5,000 cases on his docket, with a number inactive but on the registry.  They set approximately 500 cases a year involving plaintiffs living with mesothelioma, where the original plaintiff is deceased, or where there is an affidavit of hardship. Attorneys largely negotiate the dates.   Judge Stack gave credit to now-retired Judge Charles Chapman, who later became a state appellate judges, for setting up the system, calling him a “brilliant man.”

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The complete video of the Judicial Forum on Asbestos is now available from HB.  Contact Alison Emery for more information:  alison.emery@litigationconferences.com.  Also, we are gathering judges along with plaintiff and defense attorneys and numerous others for our National Asbestos Litigation Conference to be held at the Four Seasons in San Francisco on Sept. 23-25, 2009.  It’s already filling up, so sign up today!  In-house counsel attend for free!