A substantive, broad and deep educational experience

This event seems of have come out of nowhere. One year it wasn’t there. The next it was — and was there in a big way. The Forum immediately began drawing not only hundreds of attendees and world-class presenters, but a hard-won reputation as a pure, substantive, broad, and deep educational experience.

A combination of pop-up university and multi-track conference facility, The Marvin Center on the campus of George Washington University suddenly becomes an educational beehive as delegates and faculty move from the many sessions on virtually every aspect of privacy and security. They gather in hallways and on an outside deck for one-on-one conversation. They collect all at once for plenary sessions that feature global thought leaders.

The Forum faculty members come from major global corporations, government agencies from every continent, and leading law firms with deep privacy and security practices.

A quick scan of the agenda and faculty will make any privacy and security professional realize this is one program they do not want to miss.

Tom Hagy
Managing Director
HB Litigation Conferences


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