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We are proud to provide insurance practitioners, insurance carriers, policyholders and others in the insurance law field with dozens of insurance CLC courses on a range of topics, provided by leading practitioners in the field.  All of the courses are on the West LegalEdcenter, part of Thomson Reuters.  Courses may be taken one at a time for a registration fee, or your firm or company may already subscribe so you may take them at no additional charge.

Here are some of the contributing firms and organizations.  See the courses by category after the logos.


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Courses by Category

Additional Insureds

Additional Insured Webinar Series, Part 1: Procuring and Confirming AI Coverage

Additional Insured Webinar Series, Part 2: The Duty to Defend


Allocation of Indemnity Where Multiple Claimants and Claims Are Involved

Occurrence and Allocation Issues Under CGL Policies

Insurance All Sums with Stacking: An Examination of the California Supreme Court’s Stringfellow Coverage Decision

Business Interruption

Business Interruption Issues in Catastrophic Losses

Business Interruption and Other Time Element Losses

Insurance Recovery for Business Interruption: What to Know if Your Suffer a ‘Slowdown’ in Operations


Commercial General Liability – Overview


Builder’s Risk Insurance Coverage: A Primer

Coverage for Losses Arising out of Construction Projects: Additional Insureds and Other Insurance Clauses

 Contra Proferentum

Interpreting Your Insurance Policy: Contra Proferentum and Other Principles to Resolve Ambiguities


A Perfect (Snow)storm: What the NSA Surveillance Scandal Teaches Companies About Managing the Human Element of Information Security

Advanced Cyber Insurance Coverage: Guarding Against Loss

Breach Response: Developing Effective Communication Strategies

Data Security and Privacy in the Age of Social Media and Employee-Owned Devices

Identifying Cyber Liability and Risks at Your Company

Managing Your Message Before, After and During a Data Breach

Navigating HIPAA/HITECH Security and Privacy Rules

The Dark Side of a Payment Card Breach

Third Party Breaches and the Art and Science of PHI/PII Identification


Discovery of Social Media Evidence

Reconciling US Discovery Obligations With International Data Restrictions In US Litigation


Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

D&O Liability Insurance: Pointers and Recent Developments Every Policyholder Should Know

Duty to Defend / Settle

Insurer’s Duty to Defend Notwithstanding Coverage Defenses

Insurer’s Duty to Settle Notwithstanding Coverage Defenses


Investigating and Handling A Fidelity Claim: Lessons for Both Sides

Litigation Management

Top Ten Suggestions for Effective Management of Complex Business Litigation and Class Actions

New Jersey

New Jersey Trial Practice

New York

New York Insurance Law Section 3420(d)(2)

Policy Conditions

Policy Conditions: What You Don’t Know Can Void the Claim


Direct Physical Loss: What Is it and When Does It Take Place?

How to Determine the Insured Amount of a Property Loss

Causation Issues in Property Insurance

Large Loss Property Subrogation: ACT 1 – Early Investigation Gets The Worm

Large Loss Property Subrogation: ACT 2: To Seek Recovery, or Not to Seek Recovery, That Is the Question in Every Subrogation Claim

Large Loss Property Subrogation: ACT 3 — Resolution: Turning Subrogation Potential into Recovery Dollars

Key Exclusions in Property Insurance Policies

Insurance Coverage Implications of Shale Gas Drilling Operations (Fracking)


Reinsurance Law 101

Reinsurance Allocation Issues


Retentions, Deductibles and Retained Limits


War Risks/Terrorism: Coverages and Exclusions