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The HB InHouse™ team has announced several immediate opportunities for HB Education Partners to speak to in-house counsel and other executives at the headquarters of Fortune 1000 companies.  If you are an HB Education Partner and have an interest in one of these speaking opportunities, please contact us ASAP.  If you are interested in becoming an HB Education Partner – where we place your firm in speaking slots at both our custom programs and regular emerging issues events – we would like to tell you more about the program.

Here are just some of the upcoming opportunities:

A global legal publisher based in New York

Topics: Outsourcing (contracting, outsourcing, supply chain due diligence); M&A; Corporate Espionage as Unfair Competition; Controlling In House Corporate Legal Costs; Ethics for In House Lawyers – Current Issues of Interest, including Privilege Documents

Audience: 6-7 – GC and Deputy GC’s and legal staff of several different company divisions

When: December 2010

A leading global manufacturer headquartered in Connecticut

Topics: Electronic Signatures and Electronic Contract Formation and Enforcement.

When: December 2010

A global insurer and reinsurer with offices in Philadelphia

Topics: D&O, Workers Comp, Construction Defect

Audience: 10-15 – mixture of claims, actuarial and accounting staff.

When: December 2010 and January 2011

A global distribution and transportation company based in New Jersey

Topics: Ethics, Other sessions as suggested by the presenting firm

Audience: GC, Associate GC’s; other area companies to be invited.

When: December 2010

A reinsurance company based in New York

Topics: Medicare Secondary Payer, Solvency II, OFAC, Anti-money laundering, claims allocation

Audience: 20-30 including Chief Compliance Officer, GC, Deputy GC, assistant GC’s, senior underwriters, contracting wording staff

When: January  2011


Carolyn Fahey

HB InHouse™ Program Director

(484) 324-2755 x211