Hydroxycut® Litigation Teleconference
Recording Date: May 21, 2009


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Agenda and Speakers

  • Overview of the complete list of hydroxycut-branded products
  • Injuries associated with hydroxycut use, including liver, cardiovascular disorders, and kidney damage
  • The defense perspective and what distinguishes a strong case from a weak one
  • Distributor liability — are retailers liable in certain states?
  • Regulatory issues, including the difference between a prescription and over-the-counter use
  • Jurisdiction/consolidation issues, including where cases are likely to be filed

Moderator: Vance Andrus, Esq., Andrus Boudreaux, PLC
Jim Doyle, Esq., Williams Kherkher Hart Boundas LLP
Thomas Clark, Esq., Andrus Boudreaux, PLC
Annesley DeGaris, Esq., Cory Watson Crowder & Degaris, P.C.
Thomas Girardi, Esq., Girardi Keese
Fred Thompson III, Esq., Motley Rice LLC

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