Maria. Irma. Harvey. The clouds may have cleared but the legal and insurance ramifications are just getting started. Are you ready? 

Join us in Orlando or attend via web from anywhere in the world. We have provided times below for the Eastern U.S. and London. We will cover a range of topics that will be of interest to insurance companies, reinsurers, insurance coverage counsel, policyholder counsel, and those providing various services to the insurance and legal industry.

Some Useful Pre-Reading

 To get you up to speed, here is a great place to start — a white paper from John E. Heintz and conference co-chair Jared Zola of Blank Rome LLP. It’s well-written overview of the key issues counsel, policyholders and carriers will face in the aftermath of the most devastating Atlantic hurricane season on record. Learn more.  The firm has also formed a Severe Weather Emergency Response Team, or SWERT. Learn more.  

Willis Towers Watson is sharing quite a bit of insight at its Natural Disaster Response Center. There they have posted pieces that offer a historical perspective on these “record breaking storms,” plus client advisories on flooded electrical equipment, business continuity management, post-flood health and safety issues, forensic accounting and complex claims, and more.  Learn more. 

Course Materials: See Links Below

Click the links below to download the PowerPoints and papers in advance of the program. Get up to speed and craft some insightful questions for the faculty. Impress your friends.

 08.45-Scope of the Loss – PowerPoint

 08.45-Scope of the Loss-handout2

The 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season White Paper by Blank Rome LLP

Insurance Recovery for Hurricane Losses by Blank Rome LLP

09.45-Homeowner Claims – PowerPoint

Homeowner Claims Paper by Mark Nation and Paul Pritchard

⇒ 12.00-Claims Adjustment Process [corrected version v2]

1.30-Commercial Claims – PowerPoint



Friday | Nov. 3, 2017

7:00 am EST | 1:00 pm GMT
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8:30 am EST | 2:30 pm GMT

8:45 am EST | 2:45 pm GMT

The Scope of the Loss:
Just What Are We Dealing With?

How extensive is the damage from the recent spate of super hurricanes and tropical storms that have hit the U.S. mainland, its island territories and other islands? Our panel will discuss:

  • The Categories of Claims
  • The Projected Cost of Claims
  • Business Claims
  • Homeowner Claims
  • Excess Coverage Implications
  • Reinsurance Implications
  • Are we even done yet?

Jared Zola | Partner | Blank Rome LLP
Jacob Parsons | Managing Director | The Claro Group
Mark A. Nation | Founding Partner | The Nation Law Firm

9:45 am EST | 3:45 pm GMT

Homeowner Claims:
Covered & Excluded Causes of Loss

Thousands of homes have been impacted from a combination of floods and intense winds not seen by some areas in decades, if ever. What issues will homeowners faces as they try to rebuild or repair their homes with insurance payments? What issues will insurers face as they address an incredible volume of claims that add up to easily one of the most costly series of events in the history of insurance? Our speakers will address:

  • Wind vs. Flood Determinations and Methodologies
  • Distinguishing Storm Damage from Pre-Existing Damage
  • Roof Claims for Older Roofs
  • Repair or Replace?
  • Necessary Precautions
  • How to Deal with Long-Term Damage
  • Slayton v. Universal issues: Whether the policyholder must object to the insurer’s estimate in order to sue for a low offer.

Mark A. Nation | Founding Partner | The Nation Law Firm
Steven C. Teebagy | Partner | Groelle & Salmon
Wystan Ackerman | Partner | Robinson & Cole LLP

11:00 am EST | 5:00 pm GMT
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12:00 pm EST | 6:00 pm GMT

The Claims Adjustment Process:
Preparing, Documenting, Coordinating, Investigating & More

How do businesses plan for and resolve complex claims resulting from large-scale disasters? Tropical Storms and Hurricanes can lead to tragedy, destruction and wide spread damages to anything in its path. Disasters of this scale often result in complex insurance claims. Providing businesses with the expertise required to assist their businesses recover from large-scale disasters is tantamount to a maximum recovery. We will describe how to properly document hard and soft costs, assess the impact to the schedule and work with insureds, adjusters and insurance companies to settle a claim; business interruption, builder’s risk, property damage. The faculty will address:

  • Fact Gathering
  • Information Sharing
  • Communications and Cooperation Between Insured and Insurer
  • Proper Claims Submission
  • Protective Order/Stipulations
  • Privilege Concerns
  • Multiple Adjuster Involvement – Coordination Issues
  • Which and How Experts Can Help
  • Governmental Takings

Joseph Castellano | Global Head, Construction Consulting, Forensic Accounting & Complex Claims Risk & Analytics | Willis Towers Watson
Allan Kanner | Senior Partner | Kanner & Whiteley
Jason J. Joy | Partner | Jason J. Joy & Associates PLLC | Houston


1:30 pm EST | 7:00 pm GMT

Commercial Claims:
Business Interruption, Lost Profits & More

Hurricanes and similar events, in unexpected places, often leave business owners uncertain after property damage occurs or lost profits incur in their wake. Addressing property damage and business interruption losses for these first-time claimants can be equally challenging for adjusters assigned to manage the claims process. Determining what caused the loss and the extent of that damage will be a source of tension given the astronomical claims anticipated. Our panel will address:

  • Contingent Business Interruption Coverage
  • Dependent Property Coverage
  • Legal Issues: “Causation” Including “Concurrent Causation”
  • Determining Lost Profits: Loss Calculation Methodologies
  • Loss of Market: Losses Arising from Damage Sustained by Customers
  • Changes in Regional Business Conditions
  • Losses Triggered by Supply Chain Disruptions
  • Losses Due to Challenges Faced by Your Workforce
  • Period of Indemnity/Extended Period of Indemnity
  • Period of Restoration
  • Utility Interruption Coverage
  • Other Time Element Coverages: Ingress/Egress, Civil Authority, Extra Expense
  • “Units of Insurance”
  • Sub-Limits and Deductibles

Jared Zola | Partner | Blank Rome LLP
Kristin V. Gallagher | Partner | Kennedys CMK
Jake Parsons | Managing Partner | The Claro Group
Steven Rosenthal | Partner | RGL Forensic Accountants
Gregory P. Varga | Partner | Robinson & Cole LLP

3:00 pm EST | 9:00 pm GMT

Final Thoughts:
Key Takeaways & Outlook from the Faculty

The full faculty will share their thoughts and takeaways from the day, and answer your questions.

3:30 pm EST | 9:30 pm GMT