HB, ASTC Form Marketing Alliance

We’re proud to announce we have formed a marketing alliance with the American Society of Trial Consultants — the nation’s leading professional organization for consultants who advise attorneys on trials, juries and litigation.

Given our mission to educate litigators – and the great insights the ASTC members possess – we thought this alliance would help augment the programs we currently provide to plaintiff and defense attorneys who have active trial and litigation schedules.

Our first objective is to promote the ASTC’s 30th Annual Conference, which will take place June 8-12, 2011, in Seattle.  If you want more details, write to us at info@litigationconferences.com or keep an eye on our site for what’s in store.

Thanks to Beth Foley, president of the ASTC and a partner with Zagnoli McEvoy Foley LLC, Tara Trask, ASTC’s vice president, chair of the June conference, as well as founder and CEO of Tara Trask & Associates and the entire ASTC Board of Directors.

We look forward to working together!

Tom Hagy