Attorney James M. Beck is Senior Life Sciences Policy Analyst at Reed Smith LLP, and a prolific writer for the Drug & Defense Law blog, one of HB’s favorites. Here is a piece of what he had to say about the Supreme Court ruling in BMS v. Superior Court:

This is one of the most important mass tort/product liability decisions ever, because expansive notions of personal jurisdiction – that large companies can be sued by anyone anywhere – are behind the growth of “magnet jurisdictions” (ATRA calls them something else) that attract litigation tourist plaintiffs from all over the country, suing companies from all over the country, without regard for whether any such defendant is incorporated or does business in the state.  Get rid of any personal jurisdiction basis for doing so, and we, if not end, at least put major limits on plaintiffs’ ability to forum-shop in this manner.

Beck spoke at last year’s Drug & Device Defense Forum. This year the event will be held Oct. 24 at the Convene meeting center (fka The Hub) at the Cira Center in Philadelphia.  Dechert LLP’s Michelle Hart Yeary — another frequent contributor to the blog — is co-chairing along with Megan E. Grossman of Segal McCambridge Singer & Mahoney Ltd. and James A. Frederick of Goodell DeVries Leech & Dann LLP.

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