experian-logoExperian Data Breach Resolution predicts in its 2016 forecast that hackers will invent new and dastardly ways to breach data, and an Experian-sponsored study indicates most companies are ill-prepared to thwart attacks.

Now in its third year, the Data Breach Industry Forecast captures new trends and evaluates how previous Experian predictions panned out. Experian, which has helped companies navigate more than 15,000 breaches over the last decade, predicts:

  • The EMV Chip and PIN liability shift will not stop payment
  • Big healthcare hacks will make the headlines but small
    breaches will cause the most damage.
  • Cyber conflicts between countries will leave consumers and
    businesses as collateral damage.
  • 2016 U.S. presidential candidates and campaigns will be
    attractive hacking targets.
  • Hacktivism will make a comeback.

In a related report, the Ponemon Institute’s findings from theThird Annual Study: Is Your Company Ready for a Big Data Breach sponsored by Experian, illustrate that many companies still lack confidence in their ability to manage these issues and execute their data breach response plan.

Experian is a sponsor of HB Litigation Conferences’ NetDiligence Cyber Risk & Privacy Liability Forum, June 7-8 in Philadelphia.