HB is proud to announce alliance with The Ritter Academy
October 10, 2011

Forget What You Know About Legal Education Online

“The Ritter Academy provides one of the most innovative and effective approaches to delivering practice tools and knowledge to busy legal and legal technology professionals that we have seen in a long time.  Finally – a highly visual and interactive way to learn how to handle the risks of complex, multi-layered and, most importantly, high stakes matters.  We’re proud that Ritter Academy has turned to HB to help introduce its unique service to our litigation customers at law firms and corporations.  Try one.  If not completely impressed we will refund 100% of your registration.  We’re that confident that you will come away saying, ‘This is completely different.’” – Tom Hagy, CEO, HB

The complexity and enormous risks associated with electronic discovery and handling of digital records are challenges HB’s litigation customers face every day.  That is why we felt the time was right for these carefully produced CLE-certified programs.

Click below for a demonstration of this unique visual presentation:

FREE MAP!  Webinar participants will receive a detailed RitterMap that will help legal teams navigate and mitigate digital risks. Corporate legal departments will find the maps particularly invaluable to ensure execution of critical steps and processes in e-discovery.  Write to us for a free sample map at info@litigationconferences.com.

Webinar 1

Digital Risk Management:
Exposing Seven Deadly Risks in Managing Digital Evidence

Just because you succeed in finding digital records is no assurance that these files will be admitted as evidence, or given any significant weight in proving the truth.  This webcast by Jeffrey Ritter is essential for all the professionals that make up a company’s e-discovery team.

This webcast will provide answers to the following questions:

  1. What are the seven key legal risk areas that outside counsel, e-discovery vendors and their clients often overlook in managing digital records as evidence?
  2. What are the technology standards shaping the legal threshold for measuring how digital records are managed as evidence?
  3. What are the questions—and answers—that will enable your business records to withstand the scrutiny of security experts and the court?
  4. How should liability be allocated among law firms and e-discovery vendors hired to manage your digital records as evidence?

The Tools You Will Receive

This is way more than a lecture.  You will receive detailed and highly visual RitterMaps that enable your team to ask the right questions and navigate away from these essential risks.

Who Should Attend

  • Lawyers
  • Records Managers
  • IT and Information Security Professionals
  • All Members of Your e-Discovery Team

Webinar 2

Evaluating the Digital Integrity of Outside Law Firms:
Can They Handle the Truth? 

In this digital world, no company can presume that outside counsel is equipped to be an effective custodian of the digital records that serve as evidence in litigation, enforcement actions, and sensitive corporate transactions.  The September, 2011 lawsuit between a major law firm and a national e–discovery vendor demonstrates the importance of these issues.

Webinar Participants Will: 

  1. Learn the tough questions that need to be asked of any law firm regarding its capabilities at managing digital information.
  2. Identify and explore the standards against which a law firm should be measured.
  3. Acquire an inventory of best practices that a company can use to better manage outside counsel and e-discovery vendors.
  4. Learn how an engagement letter can be employed to express the critical IT controls required to protect the authenticity and integrity of collected digital records as evidence.

The Tools You Will Receive

You will receive a detailed RitterMap that visually unravels the topics you must discuss with every outside law firm.  In addition, you will receive a second RitterMap that takes you through best information security practices control the risks of third-party custodians of your most sensitive information.

Who Should Attend

  • In-House Counsel
  • Risk Managers
  • Compliance Offices
  • Legal Records Professionals
  • Digital Security Personnel
  • Outside Counsel

Webinar 3

Digital Records Management:
Building & Protecting an Effective Digital Evidence Program

A hostile deposition is no place to learn that your corporate records and information management program does not measure up.  This webcast by Jeffrey Ritter will help you identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities that can damage your credibility in any courtroom.

What You Will Learn

  1. What type of legal actions may require you to evaluate the effectiveness of your program?
  2. What legal and technology standards exist against which your records management programs can be measured? What does it mean to be “effective” in managing digital records?
  3. What are the difficult questions that can place in jeopardy your reliance on your business records as evidence, even in your own defense?
  4. What steps can you take to better protect your existing program in a hostile deposition or investigation?

The Tools You Will Receive

This is way more than a lecture.  You will receive a detailed and highly visual RitterMap to help you navigate the questions you need to be prepared to answer — the same questions plaintiff lawyers are learning to ask you every day.

Who Should Attend

  • In-House Counsel
  • Outside Counsel
  • Records professionals

Webinar 4

Effective Litigation Hold Programs:
Applying Metrics to Control Costs, Reduce Risks

Just having a litigation hold program in place does not guarantee that the related procedures will be effective at controlling costs and reducing legal risks.  In this webcast, Jeffrey Ritter will explore how IT management practices can be mapped to transform e-discovery from a crisis into a disciplined business process.

Receive Answers to the Following Critical Questions:

  1. What are the four key metrics that reveal the legal risks of an existing litigation hold program?
  2. How can modern business process management metrics be applied to litigation hold programs?
  3. How can the use of metrics take advantage of the legal “safe harbors” in the Federal and state e-discovery rules?
  4. What can we do to enable continuous improvement of litigation hold programs, control risks and lower the costs of e-discovery?

The Tools You Will Receive

You will receive a detailed RitterMap that presents a library of metrics that can be used to measure the performance, economic, and legal effectiveness of your litigation hold program.

Who Should Attend

  • In-House Counsel
  • Risk Managers
  • Compliance Offices
  • Legal Records Professionals
  • Digital Security Personnel
  • Outside Counsel

Who is Jeffrey Ritter?

Jeffrey Ritter, Esq. is recognized globally as one of the most influential voices at the intersection of law and technology.  Today, Jeffrey is founder and CEO of The Ritter Academy, the first authoritative and objective source for trusted learning on e-discovery.  He is a pioneer in shaping the legal rules for cyberspace and addressing the value of digital information as property, whether in the board room, the courtroom, the legislature or a network operations center. As a lawyer and advisor on technology implementation, Jeffrey has worked with some of the most recognized corporations and institutions in the world, including Chevron, Hewlett-Packard, Google, The Limited, DuPont, Wal-Mart, Disney Stores, Universal Postal Union, Deutsche Bank, Lord Abbett & Co., TD Ameritrade, PPG, Alcoa, Carnegie Mellon, MeadWestvaco and JP Morgan.  He has navigated—and often led—the migration toward digital global business across a full array of technologies and services—EDI, electronic commerce, encryption, Internet access, digital signatures, privacy, outsourcing, digital records storage, records and information management, and e-discovery.

For more information – email us at info@litigationconferences.com.