LitigationInsightsLogo-bxWouldn’t it be fantastic to know how a jury would regard your case before you even commence discovery? Initial Case Evaluation (ICE) is becoming the go-to strategy for developing a case story, theory and arguments, long before a real jury will ever hear them.

In an article in the Lexis Corporate Law Advisory, Dr. Christina Marinakis of Litigation Insights describes how parties are increasingly capitalizing on this advanced form of jury research.

Ultimately, this helps reduce costs by focusing the discovery process—the most expensive aspect of litigation—on the issues and evidence that matter most, rather than on extraneous details that aren’t important to the triers of fact. Likewise, it also ensures that these key pieces of evidence and testimony are elicited the first time around, rather than having to re-depose your witnesses or obtain amended expert reports later down the road.

Dr. Christina Marinakis

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