ConsilioLogo_FullColor_NoTag_WhiteConsilio is a global legal services and strategic consulting firm that supports law firms and corporations with innovative software and cost-effective, end-to-end litigation services that include eDiscovery, document review, information governance and compliance, law department management, contract management and legal analytics. For more information, please visit www.consilio.com.




Dechert is a global specialist law firm.  Focused on sectors with the greatest complexities, legal intricacies and highest regulatory demands, we excel in delivering practical commercial judgment and deep legal expertise for high-stakes matters.  In an increasingly challenging environment, leaders in the life sciences industry rely on Dechert to understand the business opportunities and challenges they face and provide real-world solutions in litigation, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property and antitrust counseling and disputes, and licensing and corporate partnering.  To learn more, visit www.dechert.com.


We’ve taken the phrase, “We make the complex simple” to heart, because it gets to the heart of what we do as trial attorneys. Success in litigation requires parties to grapple with complicated concepts. Whatever the case, our work for clients requires us to get at the truth of these complexities, and convey it in such a way that a judge or a jury has a simple choice to make. We make the complex simple in order to get at the truth of our clients’ positions and convey that truth to those whose duty it is to try the facts. We do it every day on some of the most cutting-edge technical issues and convoluted concepts of causation and liability to be found. It’s not the only way to practice law, but it’s our way. Visit www.smsm.com.


Litigation Insights is a full-service jury research, visual communications and trial consulting firm with offices across the country.  We’re dedicated to finding the most effective case themes and communication strategies that resonate with jurors, judges and arbitrators.  We bring the highest levels of critical thinking using early case assessment, surveys, jury research and witness preparation expertise that deliver for our clients, including dozens of Fortune 500 companies and firms in the Am Law 100.  We also assist these clients regularly at trial with jury selection, graphics and presentation technology services.  Learn more at http://www.litigationinsights.com/.


replyrosome400If you’ve ever sent out a career-threatening email at 2AM, on your sixth cup of coffee, you’re in good company – that’s when the story of ReplyToSome began. In 2014, after years of searching for an off-the-shelf technical fix that would address Outlook’s limitations, Peter Norman decided to build it himself.  He and his partners formed Winnieware LLC to improve the way Outlook handles the needs of professionals on complex, messy projects. The result: ReplyToSome, with intuitive features that include an interface that displays email addresses in easy-to-read rows, helping to quickly sort, find, and edit addresses; a set of tools automatically identify addresses that have been omitted or unintentionally added to an email; and a simple, efficient way to create, modify, and use distribution lists. 

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