Date: November 8, 2011
Duration: 1 hr 27 min
Price: $169*

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The Defining Trends in Chinese Drywall and Domestic Drywall Cases

  • The recent CDW settlement opt-out decisions coming out of Florida – Why and how they came about
  • Do the recent decisions differ in any way?
  • How will the opt-out decisions impact the settlements within the Federal MDL?
  • Understanding the Federal MDL settlements, who can benefit from them and the hurdles going forward
  • The nexus between forum and coverage – Where do you want to be and best practices for getting there
  • Choice of law: Assumptions leave coverage on the table
  • Domestic drywall:  Different beast with the same bite
    • Who are the defendants in these cases?
    • Domestic drywall 101: case theories and asserted defenses
    • The Defect:  How is it similar or different from CDW defect?
    • Number of potential claims and case intake/screening concerns
    • Damages – assessing and proving them?  Is the strategy different from CDW cases?
    • Domestic cases and the relation, if any, to the MDL


Greg Weiss, Leopold Kuvin, P.A.
Matthew Jacobs, Jenner & Block LLP
Robert Kelly, Esq., Jackson & Campbell, P.C.
Bob Brown, III, Esq., Baron & Budd, P.C.