Says Carriers Can Encourage Best Practices

A June 30 post on the blog CyberInquirer has generated buzz from readers with a recommendation to address breaches of data at educational institutions which have increased in both number and severity.  Colleges and universities have a hard time getting coverage “because of the inherent difficulty in determining risk due to a lack of uniformity in the operation and management of computer systems throughout the university,” CyberInquirer writes.  Saying carriers should consider “reverse underwriting,” the blog says the insurance industry has the opportunity to both provide coverage and decrease risk.  “So long as universities are willing to implement protocols and enforce internal compliance with the latest information-protection best-practices, underwriters should be willing to meet universities half-way by conditioning coverage on compliance with the protocols agreed upon by the parties,” the blog reads.

Click HERE to read the full post by Blogger in Chief (not his real title) Richard Bortnick of Cozen O’Connor, co-written by Cozen colleague Matthew Klebanoff.