“Cyber security mishaps, including the mishandling and use of private data are among the top—and perhaps most frightening—silent threats facing companies, individuals, governments and other organizations today,” said Mark Greisiger, CEO of NetDiligence®. “With everything from accidental leaks of non-public information that result in privacy class action lawsuits, to the intentional harvesting of data posted on social networks, to data gleaned from flash cookies on personal or business computers—to the newest threat of ‘Hacktivism’—the risks are growing, global and often gigantic.”

HB Litigation Conferences has partnered again with NetDiligence®, a leading cyber risk assessment company supporting the cyber liability insurance industry, to create a two-day program designed to help companies mitigate and protect themselves from data security/privacy breaches, Tom Hagy, CEO of HB Litigation Conferences said.

HB’s 3rd Annual NetDiligence® Cyber Risk & Privacy Liability Forum will be held June 4-5 at the Hyatt at the Bellevue in Philadelphia.

This year’s conference is chaired by: Tracie Grella, Chartis Insurance Company; Jimmy Kirtland, ING Americas; Theodore Kobus III, Esq., Baker & Hostetler LLP; John Mullen, Sr., Esq., Nelson Levine de Luca & Horst, LLC; and Tracey Vispoli, Chubb Insurance Company.

“Hactivism is sure to be a huge topic of discussion at the conference, following the ‘2012 Data Breach Investigations Report’¹, released in March by Verizon,” said Greisiger.

“According to the report, Hactivism is a strain of cyber crime that’s main focus is to inflict harm on the chosen targets, whether they be corporations or other entities, as opposed to prior schemes that sought only to steal money” said Greisiger. “The numbers are staggering, with 855 incidents reported in the past year involving 174 million compromised records. And unlike traditional cyber breaches, 98 percent of all incidents were caused by outside agents, rather than rogue insiders or business partners,” said Greisiger.

Sessions Include: Regulatory Challenges of Today; The Risk Managers Speak; Claims, Claims, Claims: 2012 Trends; State of the Cyber Nation—Cases, Theories, and Damages; Health Care Highlights; Data Breach Preparedness: Day by Day—Surviving 30 Days of Hell, the Right Way; 30 Days of Hell Hit: Preserving Reputation During Plan Failures; Vendor Management—How to Do it Well; and Track Sessions Allowing for a Tailored Educational Experience.

The program is designed for corporate risk managers, CFOs, insurers, information security technologists, lawyers and insurance brokers seeking to learn more about how companies may be found liable for a data breaches that may trigger class actions; what risk control measures, standards and safeguard practices are reasonable and prudent; where many companies are weak; how to assess e-risk and recognizing if a breach has occurred; investigating an incident; incident response plans; and the value of privacy risk insurance coverage.

For more information about the Cyber Risk Forum, contact HB at (484) 324-2755 x212, by email at Brownie.Bokelman@litigationconferences.com, or by visiting the conferences section at HB’s website at www.LitigationConferences.com. Press passes are available.

¹Verizon, Inc., “2012 Data Breach Investigations Report”, March 22, 2012.