By Tom Hagy

Try to think of a time when employees wanted to buy their own office supplies. Was there ever a movement to bring your own fax machine? Not since briefcases and backpacks have we seen not just a willingness, but an insistence by employees that they “get” to use and pay for their own stuff.  Now it’s mobile devices and there is no stopping the BYOD trend.  Corporations and government agencies are way past the stage of stopping it. They are well into the stage of embracing it, minimizing risks, and making it work to their advantage.  In an article I wrote for the LexisNexis In-House Advisory, we share insights and statistics, such as the result of one study which said 61% of companies have employees using their own devices in the workplace.

Another study found that it is the highly regulated handlers of sensitive data —  finance/insurance and healthcare companies — which “dominate the overall BYOD picture.”  Half of the companies with BYOD models require employees to pay for their devices and the personal choice that goes along with them — and “they are happy to do so,” a study found.  Intel conducted a study of its own employees and reported improved productivity for each employee by an average of 57 minutes per day.  Read the full story.


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