Blogging isn’t easy. Bloggers must have a devotion and discipline to work on something that, somedays, must feel like a time-consuming hobby one might undertake in their basement, careful not to pass out from all the fumes.  But this isn’t about me.

My favorite law blogs consistently address emerging issues in niche areas of law and litigation, give me a clear, concise picture of what has transpired, include insightful commentary, and give me the impression that the writer is actually enjoying the task — not hunching over a laptop with grim determination to just get it done.

Demonstrating joy can come in the form of prose or poetry, wit or snark, or juvenile orneriness, which is my wheelhouse.  Those are my criteria in granting the soon-to-be-coveted HB’s BEST DARN LAW BLOG designation.

It is my pleasure to bestow the first-ever HB Best Darn Law Blog designation upon the Drug & Device Law Blog, which scores high on all fronts. Winner of numerous other awards, this is one of my go-to sources for legal commentary on pharmaceutical and medical device litigation.

I get to work with one of the contributors to the DDLB, Michelle Hart Yeary, Counsel at Dechert LLP. She is the only non-Reed Smith contributor to this excellent blog. Michelle has for three years co-chaired HB’s Drug & Device Defense Forum in Philadelphia. She has enlisted other contributors as speakers, including Reed Smith’s Stephen McConnell and Eric Alexander. In 2016 she even brought us James Beck of Reed Smith, who, I’m sure, doesn’t remember turning me down several times to speak at the conference. Getting him on board makes me think we’re doing something right. Or maybe he just respects Michelle more than me.  So that’s something James Beck and I have in common.

Thanks to the DDLB team for your devotion to staying on top of the latest developments in drug and device litigation, for sharing your insights, and for not being afraid to let your humor out. You’re producing something that we should be paying for.

Tom Hagy
Founder & Managing Director
HB Litigation Conferences