Details trends, risks and opportunities that companies must confront

Baker HostetlerWhat kind of data breach incidents should you prepare for? How should you prepare? BakerHostetler’s Privacy and Data Protection team reviewed statistics from more than 200 breach incidents the firm worked on with clients in 2014 and released its inaugural 2015 Data Security Incident Response Report in an effort to provide guidance.

Highlights of the report: No industry is immune, human error is most often to blame, rapid detection is critical, and paper records are also at risk. The report includes proactive steps companies should take.

“Ultimately, we believe our incident response report can be used to enhance efforts by companies to become ‘compromise ready’ – an incremental and continuous process of identifying threats, prevention and mitigation, and response preparedness,” according to the firm.

The eight-page report is accompanied by a series of eight “deeper dive” blog posts that further explore the issues revealed in the report.

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