A panel of asbestos judges assembled in Beverly Hills in March during HB’s Emerging Trends in Asbestos Conference, where they shared their insights and perspectives on trial and settlement strategies, case values, discovery, docket backlogs, bankruptcy trusts and more.  Several of these judges will appear at our June 3 Judicial Forum. See below for complete video coverage of the candid and informative March discussion.

Appearing on the panel were:  Hon. Daniel Stack, Madison County Circuit Court, Edwardsville, Ill.; Hon. Sandra Mazer Moss, Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas; Hon. James McBride, San Francisco Superior Court; Hon. Sherry Klein Heitler, New York State Supreme Court, Appellate Term, First Department; Hon. Elihu M. Berle, Civil Supervising Judge, Los Angeles Superior Court; and Hon. Mark Davidson, 11th Civil District Court, Houston.  On June 3, this panel will be joined by retired judges Hon. Ken Kawaichi and Hon. Alfred M. Wolin. 

Nearly all of the discussion from March is included in the following clips, which we offer to the faculty and attendees of our Judicial Forum in June and our National Asbestos Conference in September.

 Judges Talk Settlement Strategy – Part I

Judges Talk Settlement Strategy – Part II


Judges Talk Settlement Strategy – Part III  

Judges Talk Settlement Strategy – Part IV

Judges Talk Group Settlements

Judges Talk Discovery

Judges Talk Bankruptcy Trusts, responding to questions from O-I Vice President & Associate General Counsel Joseph O’Hara, chairman of HB’s National Asbestos Conference in September in San Francisco.


Judges Judge Talk Backlog

Judges Talk About Needs from Counsel