Recording Date: October 12, 2011
Duration: 1 hr 54 min
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•Indemnification agreements
– May a company be indemnified for its own negligence?
•Additional insured coverage
– How does a company become an additional insured?
– What is the scope of additional insured coverage?
– Who pays the deductible?
– Is there insurance coverage for contractual indemnity agreements?
•Assumption of liability
– How does it differ from an indemnity agreement?
– Does it survive a bankruptcy?

Timothy Delahunt, Esq., Kenney Shelton Liptak Nowak LLP, Buffalo, NY
Scott Godes, Esq., Counsel Dickstein Shapiro LLP, Washington, DC
Adam Shienvold, Esq., Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellott, LLC, Harrisburg