The Surveillance State

Preparing Your Company If Consumers Demand Stronger Privacy Protection By David F. Katz, Esq. Mr. Katz is a partner in Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough's [...]

Mother Jones: Mother Nature to Deliver One Mother of a Century

Mother Jones and Climate Desk apparently pushed hard to get it, but these news organizations recently obtained and reported on a 257-page study, prepared by the consulting firm AECOM for the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which predicts rising seas and increasingly severe weather will increase U.S. flood zones by up to 45 percent by the year 2100.

$8.3M Verdict in Hip Case, Appeal Pending

In what plaintiff attorneys say was the first of more than 10,000 lawsuits to go to trial, a Los Angeles County jury awarded $8.3 million to 65-year-old Montana man, Loren Kransky, who claimed he was injured by a recalled DePuy ASR artificial hip.

First ObTape Bellwether Trial Goes to the Defense

As reported by LexisNexis Mealey’s Legal News, a Georgia jury found in favor of Mentor Worldwide LLC on June 17 following an 11-day trial of the negligence case brought by Irene Morey, who blamed injuries on Mentor’s vaginal sling.

California AG Sues Over Lead-Tainted Candy: A Supply Chain Issue?

California Attorney General Kamala Harris has filed a lawsuit against Whole Foods, Trader Joe's and other food retailers, manufacturers and distributors, alleging the companies are selling lead-tainted ginger and plum candies without statutorily mandated warning labels.

Cybersecurity Guidelines for Medical Devices to Prevent Cyber Attack Failures

The FDA recommends that medical device manufacturers and health care facilities take steps to evaluate their network security and to assure that appropriate safeguards are in place to reduce the risk of failure due to cyber attack, which could be initiated by the introduction of malware into the medical equipment or unauthorized access to configuration settings in medical devices and hospital networks.