Nothing Like The Real Thing: Copied, Pasted & Printed Data Insufficient Under Rule 34

When you're expecting a swell gift-and when only a name brand will do-it is hard to fake a smile of gratitude when you tear off the wrapping paper to reveal your brand new R-Manny suit.

Bring Your Own Device, But Don’t Bring Your Own Resistance

Try to think of a time when employees wanted to buy their own office supplies. Was there ever a movement to bring your own fax machine?

Restoring Your Company’s Reputation After a Crisis Is No Carnival, But It Can Be Done

“A floating toilet, a floating Petri dish, a floating hell.” These are hardly the words you want to see associated with your company.

Law Professor Predicts MDLs Will Overtake ‘Difficult to Maintain’ Class Actions

In the April 3 Legal Newsline Legal Journal, writer Amanda Robert shared the views of U.C. Berkeley School of Law Professor and civil procedure scholar Andrew Bradt, who says mass tort litigation will continue well into the future, but that MDLs will overtake class actions as the preferred vehicle for managing these disputes.

When EDI is Accessible and Proportionally Affordable, Plan to Produce

In case you were in doubt, being asked to provide “easily accessible” digital records of thousands of paper documents you already produced may not be considered unreasonably cumulative, duplicative or burdensome.

Big Data: What It Is and What It’s Good For

Are you using data analytics to identify profitability of individuals or specific matters? Or to support or refute claims and allegations? Or to spot and exploit trends and opportunities?

Use of Granuflo During Hemodialysis May Subject Patients to Serious Cardiac Risks

GranuFlo®, manufactured by Fresenius Medical Care North America and regulated as a medical device by the FDA, is a dry acid concentrate used to treat acute and chronic renal failure during hemodialysis.

The Alternative to Alternative Fee Arrangements

It seems as though alternative fee arrangements, or AFAs, suffer more from great expectations than anything else.

Budget Cuts Threaten to Bring Courts to Their Knees in California

Few government operations have dodged the budget cuts being implemented across the country. The courts are no exception.

LexisNexis® presents a Complimentary CLE Accredited* Webinar: Effective Global Codes of Conduct

A Complimentary CLE Accredited* Webinar

Provider: LexisNexis® Date: April 10, 2013 Time: 2:00 pm Eastern Time