Kasdan Gives The “Real Skinny” On Construction Litigation

Kenneth S. Kasdan is a plaintiffs’ attorney with Kasdan Simonds Weber & Vaughn in Irvine, Calif., a firm specializing in construction defect litigation. […]

Ethical Considerations When Using a Legal Process Outsourcing Provider

In today's economy, many companies are turning to Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) providers because of their ability to offer fast, efficient legal services at a lower cost. However there are a number of ethical considerations that are unique to LPO companies, including risk of disclosure of confidential information, inadvertent waiver of attorney-client privilege and client consent requirements. However, the primary issue has to do with the unauthorized practice of law, since many of the individuals performing the work at the LPO firm may not be licensed to practice law in the appropriate jurisdiction or may not be lawyers at all.

Best Practices for Using a Legal Process Outsourcing Provider

Before you start working with a Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) company, there are a number of steps you need to take. These include: Evaluating the quality and reliability of the company; Investigating the company's background and reputation; Performing reference checks; Asking about the company's hiring and training policies; Vetting the qualifications of the individuals performing the work; and Meeting with core management staff.

What are the Best Practices for Assigning Tasks to Various Levels of Attorneys?

When assigning tasks to various levels of attorneys, there are two factors to consider. If you're strictly talking about budgeting, it's actually easier to use an average billing rate for the firm, only because it makes the budgeting simpler. Firms can generally provide that or give you some pretty good guidance. Rather than going through each task and figuring out the hours and then figuring out which attorney performed each task, you can just take the hours times an average rate. That makes life a lot simpler and it's a perfectly valid way of preparing a budget.

Why Many Law Firms Are Turning To Legal Process Outsourcing

An emerging trend in the field of law is the use of Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO). A driving force behind this is the ever-increasing volume of data that needs to be looked at in routine litigations and investigations. The cost of managing this data, in many senses, has gotten out of control. A lot of corporate legal departments have had their budgets cut, especially over the last two years. Many corporate legal departments and law firms are struggling to find ways to do as much or more with less and many have turned to LPO providers.

Cyber Liability Study Provides Valuable Insight Into Emerging Industry

By Mark Greisiger, President, NetDiligence®

Our objective in performing the NetDiligence® Cyber Liability & Data Breach Insurance Claims Study was to present some empirical data […]

2011 Global Catastrophes – Market and Insurance Coverage Considerations for Claims Professionals

2011 has been a significant year for global catastrophes. With earthquakes in New Zealand and Japan, tornadoes in Alabama, Missouri and Massachusetts, and flooding in Australia and the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers, this has been a major year of catastrophes—and the hurricane and wildfire seasons are still to come.

How Are Email Strings Handled in Privilege Logs?

Some courts, although very few of them, have addressed the issue of email strings in privilege logs, so it’s important to look at the current state of the law on that topic. The trend is that each email string is looked at as [...]

Behavioral Marketing Is An Important Component Of Social Media

By Robert Wice, Underwriter, Beazley Group

Behavioral marketing is an important part of the social media world because it is how the social media sites […]

Gas Drilling Operations Litigation Conference – September 9

Conference To Feature Fractured Debate On Gas Drilling Litigation

Even though the litigation arising out of unconventional gas drilling operations—also known as “hydraulic fracturing”, or […]

Ethical Cost Recovery, Data Hosting, and Cloud Computing

A LexisNexis® Complimentary CLE Accredited* Webinar - September 20, 2011. Law firms of all sizes benefit from the advent of “cloud computing” and data hosting technologies. These services provide enormous cost-saving advantages, as well as encourage increased client engagement and provide better opportunities for backing up and storing information. Cloud computing and data hosting [...]

Cyber Risk & Privacy Liability Forum Set for October, HB and NetDiligence Announce


LOS ANGELES – August 15, 2011— The chairing panel of the NetDiligence® […]

Access Of Data in Forensics Investigations May Be In Violation Of The Law

By Ronald Raether, Jr., Esq., CIPP
Faruki Ireland & Cox P.L.L.

Independent forensics firms hired by companies to do things like application testing in the event […]

Litigators and Judges to Gather at Two Toxic Tort Events in Florida, HB Announces

Litigators and Judges to Gather at Two Toxic Tort Events in Florida, HB Announces

Florida, August 12, 2011 – HB Litigation Conferences LLC, announces two […]

Shin on Camera Access in Trial

John Shin, Vice President and General Counsel of Courtroom View Network discussed the recent trend of camera and video access in trial during the […]

Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking) Litigation Conference Sept. 9, HB Announces

Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking) Litigation Conference Sept. 9, HB Announces

PHILADELPHIA- August 11, 2011—A panel of experts, including plaintiff and defense attorneys, will join […]

Stack on Communicating with Juries

William Stack is senior counsel for Exxon Mobil Corp. and has tried hundreds of mass tort cases on behalf of the company. Stack […]

Employees Pose A Big Threat To Your Company’s Security

By Ronald Raether, Jr., Esq., CIPP
Faruki Ireland & Cox P.L.L.

In my experience, generally, the biggest threat to a company’s cyber security is employees. […]

State and Federal Regulators Step Up Efforts in Privacy and Data Security

The following is derived from remarks made by Lisa J. Sotto at the Second Annual NetDiligence® Cyber Risk and Privacy Liability Forum, produced by […]

Why and How to Use E-Service in Everyday Practice

A LexisNexis ® Complimentary CLE Accredited* Webinar

Electronic service (e-service) is an important technological advancement for many courts across the country. More and more judges […]

Greisiger on the NetDiligence® Cyber Liability & Data Breach Insurance Claims Study

Mark Greisiger, President of NetDiligence®, presented the results of a recent study in which his company surveyed insurance underwriters about data breaches and the […]

Education is Key in Preparing Breach Response

An excerpt from the NetDiligence® Cyber Risk and Privacy Forum
By Vinny Sakore, Vice President of Business Development, Immersion, Ltd.

Experience is critical in data breach […]

Smith on Underwriting a Cyber Risk Policy

Jennifer G. Smith, Esq., CIPP, of Lockton Companies LLC spoke during the “Social Media Maze: Liability in Behavioral Advertising and Social Media” session at […]

Beazley’s Wice on Website Tracking and Behavioral Marketing

How do marketing companies use tracking technologies in web browsers to collect information on consumer buying habits? How does the perception of this practice […]

Beazley’s Wice on Expectation of Privacy and Behavioral Marketing

The “expectation of privacy” is becoming an important issue in the field of behavioral advertising with bills being proposed to allow consumers to “opt-out” […]