Lathrop’s Bandlow on Liability from Social Media

What kinds of liabilities can arise from postings on social media sites and blogs? Lincoln Bandlow, Esq. of Lathrop & Gage LLP discussed this and more during the "Social Media Maze: Liability in Behavioral Advertising and Social Media" session at the NetDiligence® 2nd Annual Cyber Risk & Privacy Liability Forum, produced by HB Litigation Conferences.

Communicating with Juries: Trying Asbestos Cases in Offbeat Jurisdictions

When standing before a jury you must present a simple declarative sentence that delivers the essence of what your case is about. You need to be able to reduce your message to a sentence that a fourth grader can understand. If you cannot do it, get someone to help you. If, after this exercise, you still find yourself wondering [...]

Budgets Are A Reality For Litigators

By Eric E. Bensen & Rebecca K. Myers There is probably no other part of the litigation process where the cold hard reality of hindsight [...]

Sotto on State and Federal Cyber Risk Law

What is happening at the state level regarding Cyber-Risk laws? “Everything,” said Lisa Sotto of Hunton & Williams during the “Regulatory Session—State and Federal Laws” [...]

Bremer Whyte’s O’Meara on Wrap Policies

John O'Meara of Bremer, Whyte, Brown and O'Meara presented the subcontractor's point of view on wrap policies during a panel discussion at the Construction Litigation [...]

Three Simple Rules For Trying Asbestos Cases in Offbeat Jurisdictions

Three Simple Rules For Trying Asbestos Cases in Offbeat Jurisdictions. Rule #1: You cannot blend, just don't offend them. I live in South Texas and I have watched people from Chicago and other places come in and try and pretend like they are one of us. They buy a pair of boots and they can't walk correctly. They sound like they just stepped off the set of [the 1980s era TV series] Dallas.

Paul D. McGrady, Jr., on the New gTLDs

ICANN is developing a framework to launch new gTLDs, and we can expect that the next twenty-four months will be a time of great change for the Internet and for brands as a result. The new gTLDs represent challenge, cost, risk and possible reward. Are you ready for the new gTLDs? In this Analysis, Paul D. McGrady discusses ICANN and gTLDs and offers his thoughts on dealing with the new gTLDs.

Robert Gordon on Jury Selection

Weitz & Luxenberg P.C. in New York is one of the leading plaintiffs' firms in the mass tort arena. Robert J. Gordon, one of the [...]

Lack of Court Involvement and Emotion Fuel Trust Litigation

One of my observations about increased trust litigation is, ironically, the lack of court supervision, because many of these trusts have been created by people who have perceived the court process to be something wicked, an evil to be avoided at all costs. There is a profound lack of [...]