PACE’s Petersen on Risk Transfer For Asbestos

Robert Petersen, Managing Director of PACE Claims Services, spoke at a recent HB Litigation Conference about the process for Risk Transfer in Asbestos cases and what considerations both the buyers and sellers must make in entering such a transaction. Petersen has numerous years of mass tort claims administration and provided [...]

The CAN-SPAM Act – Remaining Compliant

The bottom line with CAN-SPAM is to not get cute. You want to have a CAN-SPAM policy indicating what kinds of emails you will send, who you will send them to. Importantly, who’s going to get the unsubscribe emails and act on those promptly so that additional emails [...]

The CAN-SPAM Act – What the Act Governs

CAN-SPAM Act governs essentially how to get business email out to a customer. It does not apply to non-business emails. You can’t get in trouble, for example, for sending multiple emails to your boss or your mother. That’s not what it governs. It does govern email communications between a business and its customers or [...]

Data Security and Cyber Liability Update – Complimentary LexisNexis® Webinar

Cyber security disasters, including the mishandling and use of private data, are among the top and — most frightening — silent threats facing companies, […]

Starting an Online Business – Registering Domain Names Part 2

How do you register a domain name? I know it sounds like a simple question, but a lot of people don’t know where to start. Domain names are registered through domain registration services known as registrars. Some of the better known registrars are,,; those are the three big players [...]

Starting an Online Business – Registering Domain Names

One of the things that the start-up business needs to do to get on the web is to register their domain name. There are two things that the business needs to think about — what name are they going to register and which registrar are they going to use? Choosing a domain name is the one that’s the most fraught [...]

Bjornlund on the Asbestos Multi-District Litigation

Kyle Bjornlund, an attorney with Cetrulo & Capone, told the audience at a recent HB Litigation conference in Chicago that the judge in the […]

Dr. Pass On New Options For Mesothelioma Diagnosis

Once considered a “junk genome,” MicroRNA may prove to be instrumental in the difficult task of diagnosing mesothelioma, said Harvey Pass, M.D., of NYU […]

Toby Merrill of ACE on Cyber Policies

Where do cyber insurance policies most differ? For clients seeking data breach coverage, what options are available in the marketplace? Toby Merrill […]

Kilpatrick on Valuation in Construction Litigation

Construction defects litigation essentially comes down to the market valuation of the foreshortened life of a damaged building, said John Kilpatrick, Ph.D., MRICS, of […]

Protected: Course Material – Additional Insured and Indemnification

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Protected: Course Materials – All Sums, Reallocation and Settlement Credits

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Nelson Levine’s Mullen On Cyber Risk

Although there have been a number of high-profile lawsuits recently involving data breaches, the vast majority of these breaches involve smaller companies and never […]

Dedrick of Risk Worldwide on Construction Insurance

Dealing with construction defects litigation often involves finding creative ways to bring money to the table to resolve disputes. Katherine Smith Dedrick of Risk Worldwide spoke at HB's Construction Litigation Leaders' Forum on March 3 in Marina del Rey, Calif., and explained how her firm has used property policies to help resolve [...]

Supreme Court Spotlight on AEP v. Connecticut: The Future of Climate Change Cases, Injuries and Coverage

What is at issue in AEP v. Connecticut? How will the case affect the future of climate change litigation and other types of litigation? How does it fit in with state and federal regulatory and legislative efforts and international schemes related to climate change? What are the insurance coverage [...]