‘The Single Best CLE Experience We Have Ever Had’

We’re proud to announce that 16 Fortune 500 companies selected HB this year to conduct customized, on-site education for their legal teams.   And we’re just getting started.

Under our program called HB InHouse™, we have now delivered 75 presentations featuring top legal talent from around the country. One associate general counsel called his session “the single best CLE experience we’ve ever had.”

And the best testimonial yet?  Each one has asked for more.

If you are with a corporate legal department and are interested in a way to educate your team efficiently and effectively on topics you choose, or if you are an attorney interested in becoming an HB Education Partner and getting in front of in-house counsel, we want to hear from you.

This innovative program is led by Sharon Boothe, president and partner at HB.  Sharon can be reached at  (484) 324-2755 x208 or at Sharon.Boothe@LitigationConferences.com.